Neil Patel – Digital Marketing Expert

I recently learnt about the excellent work that Neil Patel continues to do in the digital marketing space. Neil, the Co-founder of KISSMetrics and CrazyEgg, is a well-known and very successful digital marketing expert who started and grew several businesses over the years that generated revenues in excess of seven figures. He is well known for having helped a number of fortune 100 companies to develop digital marketing strategies to not only improve their online presence but to generate loyal and paying customers that led to significant growth in revenues. I attended one of his webinars a few weeks ago where he shared some of his wisdom on his approach to digital marketing as well as the results he has been able to generate over the years. I am amazed at his generosity to willingly share valuable insights on how anyone can build online businesses that can generate an income that can put them on a path to financial success. You too can benefit from the wealth of knowledge that Neil will be sharing during the next Growth Hacking Virtual Summit scheduled for October 17-20 by using the link below to sign up:

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